Summer Stories ~ Kids at home

It was raining today and for most of the weekend, which puts me a cozy frame of mind. A perfect day to share the "at home" photos in this series of summer stories.

Today's story: Kids at home

Three years ago Damien made the girls their beds. This summer, before we left the peninsula, Damien converted those beds into built-in desk loft beds. The girls sanded, stained, and varnished their own desk. We purchased Laurent's faux-wood desk at IKEA.

The loft beds are awesome, except in the worst heat of summer. The girls have a large fan in their room, but on the hottest nights of the summer the oscillating motion didn't provide enough direct air movement for both the girls. So we converted the bean bag chairs into a mattress and moved Brienne to the living floor for those nights. That way, each kid got their own fan for a lot of direct air flow on those 30+ deg C nights.

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  • Susan

    Susan on Sept. 15, 2015, 4:02 p.m.

    , bean bag chairs into mattresses. We are a use what we have before buying new family as well. My rural suburban small town home is a mixture of old, hand made and purchased new. I am enjoying seeing how your home is coming along.  



    • renee

      renee on Sept. 15, 2015, 6:43 p.m.

      Hi Susan we couldn't afford to buy a couch when we moved so instead we bought bean bags, which are made to-order, locally in our neighborhood by I love them. I'm sitting in one right now. (And we found a used-in-good-condition love seat on the side of the road to add some additional seating to our living room.) 

      Someday I'd like a couch, like this IKEA model, in our living room so we'll have a guest bed. Living in Montreal we find ourself hosting family and friends much more frequently than we ever did on the Gaspe peninsula!

      Our furnishings are mixed like yours. We've had our itsy-bitsy dining room table (not ideal but functional for now) since the first year we were married, all of our dining room/desk chairs were purchased from a church sale in Maine (made in Maine, wood, folding chairs, I adore them). The girls beds are hand-made by Damien, we have hand-me-downs from my parents, a few new IKEA purchases since moving to Montreal, and side-of-the-road discard freebies. It's a hodge podge that is uniquely us ;)


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