Shifting Gears ~ Let's Talk Food

Months ago, long before the difficult road of this past week, I met someone through a blog comment who I invited to guest post here at FIMBY.

Specifically, I invited Jennifer L. Sanders of kidoing! to share her family's food story. I scheduled that post for this month and it ties in beautifully with my own (and several readers here also) participation in Heather's 30 Day Vegan workshop.

It's a wonderful course, though I must admit, I haven't been able to enjoy it all that much this past week but I hope to participate more for the duration of the course. I did spend some time hanging out there last night, catching up on comments and recipes and I'm inspired about the food culture for our home this coming week. 

Tomorrow I will publish Jennifer's guest post but I feel I needed to write this little introduction as a transition between the sadness of this past week and the enthusiasm and vitality of that post. 

I'd like to shift gears a little - to share with you some encouragement for your own health and diet journeys (and maybe pantry organization). I look forward to publishing that tomorrow. Hope to see you all then.

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