Roasted Garden Tomato Soup

August Juliet Tomatoes

Maybe it was the week in the woods or more simply the fact that I came home to 10 lbs of ripe tomatoes on the vine (nothing's more gorgeous my friend), but I was inspired to get a little gourmet tonight. For supper I handcrafted roasted garden tomato soup with garlic, onion & tomatillos. Served with homemade crackers and cashew cream drizzled on top.

Summer in a soup bowl.

The smell of tomatoes, garlic and onions roasting this afternoon was enough of a treat but supper truly was a sweet reward for all the planting, staking, pruning and downright love I've given those tomatoes these past months.

Roasting Tomatoes

To try some of this goodness for yourself check out the recipes for tomato soup and GF crackers at Fatfree Vegan Kitchen.

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