Pleasant Mountain hike

Today we hiked to the Shawnee Peak ski area summit on Pleasant Mountain via Sue's Way trail. We camped at Pleasant Mountain earlier this year and hiked to the highest peak on that trip. Today was chillier (38F/8C at the top) than that hike in June and the summit view wasn't as spectacular but the actual hike was more beautiful. We crisscrossed a stream many times. Saw lots of little waterfalls as well as a larger fall through a rocky gorge (Needle's Eye). The mid fall foliage was beautiful, golden birch leaves and stark, bare branches. The red maples are finished their couple weeks of glory.

The 2.4 mile hike took us 4 hours and we had a hot soup lunch at the top of the Shawnee Peak chair lift area. The ski hill is obviously deserted this time of year and it was fun to wander around the top of the hill without all the snow. It was a wonderful afternoon and I'm fairly tired out now from the hike and nippy weather, but feel very fine.

Hike Pleasant Mountain, Sue's Way trail
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