Parrots and the Passover Lamb

This morning the kids & I spent our bible time in Mark remembering Jesus' entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of Passover. We recalled why the Isrealites celebrated Passover, discussed what it means to sacrifice. And thought about Jesus as our Passover Lamb. Pretty heavy stuff... Then we prayed.

Immediately after praying Laurent says: "Did you know you can teach parrots to talk and that other bird... the crow, you can teach them to talk too". What?? Where on earth did that come from???

Now, perhaps I'm reading too much into Laurent's scatterbrained (or birdbrained) thoughts but I think his out-of-nowhere comments are representative of how many of us view the cross of Christ. We'd rather not think about it, let's change the topic to something more benign and pleasant.

As uncomfortable as it is I want to spend this Holy Week thinking about the Lamb, thinking about the Cross. It's not fun to dwell there but I know Easter morning is coming. Until it does though I want my heart to reflect, contemplate, repent. Overflowing with thankfulness for the "the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." John 1:29

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