Mother's Day weekend - the photos

I just wrote a 6 paragraph (I think) post on the wonderfulness of this weekend. By accident I clicked "something" and lost everything I wrote. Oh my goodness that frustrates me.

So what was going to be a post with photos and words is now just a post with photos. Which is too bad because I had a fabulous weekend and I wrote all about it as a way to remember & savor all that goodness. Here it is in photos, maybe you can piece it together.

In case you want to actually read something here's a few thoughts on dandelions, love & mothering that I wrote last year at this time. The sentiments still apply.


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  • renee

    renee on May 12, 2009, 12:04 p.m.

    Not only did I lose my original post but I also unintentionally closed the comments - ack! It's just not my techie day. Comments are now open. Thanks for the kind comments on the gf pancakes when you couldn't comment here.


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