Late summer in the city

Damien and I have been exploring the city on bikes lately. We are just starting to tap into the hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes and trails through the city.

Last summer I did a lot of Bixi riding and this year I'm using one of our own bikes. I'm familiar with my neighborhood bike lanes and getting places I want to go locally but I'm super excited to be exploring the city together with Damien.

You can read more about it in Damien's One Day a Week journal. A new chapter is opening for us in our adventuring, pursuing activities as a couple instead of as a family. It's a good thing.

Sainte Catherines on the iphone

local Ukrainian Orthodox church

I've tried taking photos on these weekend adventures but I find my best city photography is done on foot. I hope to improve my cycling photography, which is mostly a matter of stopping to actually take photos of all the beauty I'm experiencing as we bike.

My dad took us out for supper on St. Denis during his visit

Montreal in late summer is just fabulous. I think summer in the city is great also, but this year I was enjoying travel to other places.

By late summer the intense humidity that sometimes plagues Montreal in the summer has mostly broken. Which is nice because the free public pools are closed for the season. Street festivals are still happening, though they're slowly winding down. And the back to school season brings a special energy into the downtown core where universities abound.

We'll be exploring some of those universities this fall as our kids consider their future schooling options, but right now we're still doing summer. Summer on the sidewalks, summer on our bikes, summer soccer, summer markets, summer in the city.

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  • catherine briand

    catherine briand on Sept. 19, 2016, 7:21 p.m.

    OMG! I almost did'nt recognize the kids! All grown up here too! Hope you are all well. 

    Your Gaspé friends :)


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