Happy Birthday Dad - Vacation Days 4, 5 & 6

Today is my dad's birthday. What a treat to spend this gorgeous summer day with him. Church in the morning. Lunch on the deck and then an afternoon on the lake - canoeing with the kids and then swimming. Mom made Manhattan style chowder for a special supper for Dad. They bought the fish for the chowder at the Halifax Farmer's Market yesterday. Which is where we went in the morning. It rained almost all day yesterday so I spent a delicious afternoon napping. The day before we worked around Mom & Dad's house. Cutting and hauling trees, clearing the homestead so to speak, for a driveway expansion. That evening Damien & I headed to Broad Cove for a fiddle concert at the tiny Broad Cove Community Centre right next to the ocean - simply lovely setting and good music. Very memorable & beautiful - pretty much sums up Nova Scotia. Mom & Dad Toews House NS

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