Good bye cable

As some of you know earlier this year, in the spring, we got cable for our tv. It's a bit of a long story but basically we didn't pay any cash for it, so heck why not? About one month ago we got a bill for the cable service this month, essentially our "freebie" was over. This was not a tough choice to make, we simply are not going to pay money for tv service. (Don't worry we will pay the bill)

So, here we are without cable. We haven't watched any television programs for 2 weeks. The kids have watched 2 DVD's. This is a very positive change, and in some ways a bit more difficult. I now can't just sit the kids in front of Blue's Clues while I get some work done. I guess I'm done using the tv to babysit my kids. I say this somewhat non-commitally because I'm sure somewhere at sometime I will use the tv to entertain my children for a short period of time.

For the first 5 years of our marriage we didn't have a tv. Then our friends gave us one and they also gave us a VCR and then the same friends bought us a DVD player for Christmas one year. The VCR is now dead and I think we'll only be using the tv to watch the occasional DVD.

This seems like a much better use of our time and I must say the kids and I have sure enjoyed the stories we've read lately.

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