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handful of new marbles

For the most part our daily activities have moved indoors, especially in the late, dark afternoons. I miss the garden, but not the work. I like this season of cozy rest. I can only handle so much though, come February I'll be anxious to plan the garden that will still be buried under 2 feet of snow. Sigh...

But, back to our indoor activities. It's the season for games. Any kind will do but the kids are interested these days in the new Amaze-N-Marbles Brienne got for her birthday. Great activity, heartily recommend as a Christmas gift for the 5 to 9 year old set. The set is quite a bit larger than the photo in the above link.

playing marbleworks in her pjs

Before her birthday, and the new present, the kid's made their own toilet paper marbleworks that kept everyone building and playing for most of a day.

homemade toilet paper roll marbleworks

Ah, and they've rediscovered the chess board and much to my delight Celine is teaching Brienne and Laurent how to play so I don't have to! I am always pleased when the kids play chess, it seems so "academic" and "brain building" but I'd rather play mindless games like Uno.

kiddos playing chess at a local cafe

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