Friday's Flowers ~ Get Ready

Last week I introduced my idea for having a Friday's Flowers Mr. Linky bouquet blog-fest here at FIMBY. If someone has a better way to describe this in five words or less I'd love to hear it. This is not a challenge and it's not another to-do on your list of posts you want to write. This should be fun.

this mornings flowers lay waiting to be made into a bouquet

Why I'm hosting this:

  1. This is the season of blooms and garden loveliness. We want to encourage each other to bring some of that beauty indoors to share it with our families and with each other. Even better, you could bring it indoors for friends and neighbors by giving away some of the bounty you collect.

  2. Photographing flowers is a passion of mine. It makes me smile. Maybe taking nice photos of flowers makes you smile too. I'm hoping this weekly meet-up of flower folk will help us showcase our art to an appreciative audience (each other & our blog readers) and grow in photographic skill

  3. To meet each other and find new blogs. I know, none of us have time to read any more blogs but I like finding new blogs. I've met such interesting people through blogging I'd like to be an agent of that kind of interaction and relationship building.

  4. I really like flowers. Flowers are my thing. You'll see them all over FIMBY and my home. Even when it's not flower season, like half the year here in Maine, they are in fabrics adorning our windows and beds and hanging dried from the ceiling of my kitchen. They are stirred into soap and steeped in oil to be added to lotion. They are stitched onto tablecloths that hang on the wall. Flowers, flowers everywhere.

How it works: 

  1. Gather a bouquet of flowers from your own yard, the farmer's market, your neighbor's weedy perennial bed (you should ask first in that case). 
  2. Take a photo of those flowers. Breathe deep of their fragrance, appreciate the light shining through the petals, notice the intensity of their color. Marvel at their beauty and design. Be happy.
  3. On Friday post that photo to your blog, maybe with a few words or many words or no words at all. If you live way ahead of me in terms of time zone know that I will be publishing my own posts just after midnight on Thursday (you can do this automatically by the way, I won't be up that late!) so that should give everyone a whole day to participate wherever they may live.
  4. On that same Friday visit FIMBY and leave a link to your post in the Mr. Linky section.
  5. Visit the other blogs that have done the same. Enjoy each other's beautiful bouquets.

We'll be starting tomorrow, or rather tonight at midnight if I can get my act in order in time. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the beauty each of us has to share. 

Pick some flowers, arrange 'em pretty, take a photo, post it to your blog, visit on Friday to share it with us.

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous on May 21, 2010, 8:45 p.m.

    I read this and I thought "Of course, this is Renee's wonderful idea!" I was also thinking how much I have always enjoyed flowers, and some sort of bouquet is usually in my house year round! I would love to join but I'm just reading this now and it's 10:39 PM here, would I be able to join for next week? I find this interesting since just today I thought, I need to get some flowers in the house! Let me know if I can still join!


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