Friday's Flowers ~ Cool Blues

It's been a very hot week in Maine, triple digit days with humidity and no A/C. I'm not complaining, it won't last long but it does tire one out.

Early this week before the heat hit I cut hydrangeas for our table bouquet. Each day it seems another head of blossoms wilts in the heat but four lovely blossoms still remain, transferred to a smaller vase. Their cool blue and lavender tones are so refreshingly pretty. 

But not nearly as refreshing as a swim in our friend's pool! Thanks Spring & kids for sharing.

As promised this week I drew a winner (Brienne did the actual picking) from every participant in May and June's Friday's Flowers. Child in Harmony's entry from Friday, June 11th was the winner. Thank you Marcia for participating. A bar of my Summer "Shoo-Fly" Soap will be coming your way.

Thank you also to everyone else who has joined, especially Francesca from FuoriBorgo who has participated each week. (If I've missed someone else who has posted each week also, please forgive me - you can flame me in comments).


Welcome to Friday's Flowers! If you're just visiting today and want to know what's going on please read this post. Use the linky feature below to share your bouquet blossoms.

Pick some flowers, arrange 'em pretty, take a photo, post it to your blog, visit Friday's Flowers to share it with us.

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  • marcia at Child in Harmony

    marcia at Child in Harmony on July 10, 2010, 12:22 a.m.

    I was looking at your beautiful Hydrangeas..that blue color is just so beautiful and peaceful...and then I saw your sweet cherub in the pool and had to do a double take ..for it looked so like my Chloe when she was younger !

    THEN..I read I WON! WOOHOO! Your soap sounds heavenly! Thank you ..thank you ..thank you! I am thrilled beyond measure :)

    I'm so happy I joined up on Fridays Flowers. It has become a wonderful habit in our house. Thanks so much for hosting it Renee.

    happy day!


  • Francesca

    Francesca on July 11, 2010, 1:43 p.m.

    Thank you Renee, I love this series, hope you're continuing it through summer, so sorry to be unable to join while traveling (and ruining my good record, ouch:)!)


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