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I'm tired. But I have so much I'm writing about and keep meaning to finish and post. A Soul Survivor book review, a camping trip with friends this summer and the love lesson I learned from that experience (really want to post that before the end of summer) and homeschooling high schoolers in response to a recent comment. Oh and how I vote with my dinner plate. Stay tuned these may show up someday...

In the meantime I want to direct your attention to a couple changes I've recently made on the blog. Firstly, I love all your comments, thank you. I've added a new sidebar block called Comments where you can easily view the most recent comments. This way you don't have to open the individual posts to see if your comment has posted and if there is any responses.

nothing to do with this post but hey, they're my life so they belong regardlessnothing to do with this post but they're my life so they belong pretty much anywhere on my blog</span>

Also, I've updated the About section so if you're ever wondering what FIMBY means and who exactly who writes this blog you can satisfy your curiosity and read About and Wife, Mother, Photographer.

And I've been meaning to introduce my husband's blog for sometime. He's not exactly a frequent poster but if you're wondering how to poop in the bush check it out. He posts about all things related to adventure and family.

This is a good time to thank Mariah, at Playful Learning, for her very complimentary blog post about my monarch slideshow. Thanks Mariah - those were kind words. Check out her blog, and not just because she says nice things about me. She posts great ideas for learning with little ones.

G'nite y'all.

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  • Elizabeth Harper

    Elizabeth Harper on Nov. 6, 2008, 10:39 a.m.

    Thanks for finding me this morning and your kind compliment on my blog. I've been by your site a few times. I've got you on an RSS feed in fact. I also sent a site link to your blog to my sister in Alaska who home schools her two boys.

    Additionally, I stopped by your husband's site and left him my sweetie's blog so he can check out the big hike ( 105 miles) we did in September.


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