Fetal pigs, crawfish, perch....

Last Thursday Celine, Laurent & I participated in a homeschool science lab so to speak. Another homeschooling family we know had invited some families over to do animal dissections together. The oldest kid in the group of 12 was about 11 years old, the youngest was Laurent.

Parents who were willing took turns doing the dissections, I guess some people are squeamish about this kind of thing so they didn't volunteer. I on the other hand was able to re-live my biology training by dissecting a frog. The kids were rather fascinated with the whole process, and our kids, although the youngest, showed just as much interest as the older children.

As the children got bored they would go play in the yard and then we'd call them back to look at something we just located in the animal - hearts, lungs, stomach, esophogus etc.. The 6-8 year old boys were especially fascinating with, well how to do I say it nicely, the rear ends. Which lead to interesting questions and investigations. Celine and Laurent enjoyed the afternoon but I especially liked it! It's been about 8 years since I was in a biology lab. Reminded me just how much I enjoyed that kind of scientific investigation.

Who knew that homeschooling would be so much fun?

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