Dark Days

Lights on neighbor's birchLights on neighbor's birch</span>In spite of my best intentions for cheer and festivity my body knows the darkest day of the year is approaching and is reacting accordingly - with flagging enthusiasm, lack of motivation and tiredness. Nothing feels better than pulling the down duvet over my shoulders at night, except maybe my new down vest and sheepskin slippers (thanks to my parents and Damien for my toasty warm birthday presents).

But I'm putting up a good fight to counteract the effects of this darkest time of year. Lots of Handel's Messiah (for unto us a child is born!) and lighting the Advent candles. Afternoon stories with the kids about the changing seasons and pioneer Christmas'. Making crafts & gifts and playing checkers. Chocolate and a little alcohol helps too. And getting my hair cut, really short.

But tonight's caroling at the nursing home by our house really helped put this dark season in perspective. I'm not confined to a wheelchair or bed. I am physically loved everyday, sometimes I am literally smothered in love. I am not confined by any disability or disease. And I know come spring I will be back digging & smelling the earth. So now I'm going to carry these blessings & promises into these next darkest days of the year.

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