Better left un-blogged

Some weeks are better left un-blogged. Like these past few weeks...

The kids have all been sick and some days it seems I've spent my time equally between the bathroom and the washing machine. And then I've been awakened at night by children needing changes of pj's and bedding....

At first it was nice to have a break from the weekly commitments of scheduled classes, appointments etc. (kids were too sick for usual activities) But after a while everyone gets frustrated, weary and bored at being cooped up all day for weeks. The situation reached a pathetically low point when I viewed my recent trip to the dr. to have a mole removed as "my morning break" .

We remain churchless and temporarily vision-less as we muddle through the fog of sick kids, household obligations, health course planning & rescheduling, and general life.

And although spring seemed just around the corner winter has returned with a vengence to remind us all whose still charge.

But some days have been good. An unexpected snowstorm (accompanied by warmer temperatures) closed down the college sending Daddy home for the day - just when I really needed a break. For the few days around Laurent's birthday no one was ill and we were able to celebrate. And there was the day when all three kids slept for hours and I was able to accomplish the fun task of filing.

Not all is bad, there are things to enjoy and look forward to. The visibly longer days with warm afternoon sunlight streaming in the window. Maine Garden Day in one month. The college's annual gala. I'm holding on, kids are getting better, spring is coming.

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