August Sweet Stuff

Guess I was wrong! People do read blogs on Sunday night - maybe I'm the only one who doesn't. I'm so excited to share more of our weekend trip but I need to spend time going through the photos first.

While I'm putting that all together you can check out these links for August's Sweet Stuff, I'm barely squeaking by on this one but I've been collecting them all month. Reading and being inspired by these posts helped me get through the drudgery of apartment painting and other various deadlines that piled up on me this month.

Mama Speak

  • The me I used to be (encouragement to become who we want to be in motherhood and life) at Handmade Homeschool. You'll find another post from Handmade Homeschool featured in Homeschool. You should just subscribe. Sweet stuff all the time.
  • Emotional Rest for the Weary Mother. Title says it all.
  • How to live The Good Life. Jenn is a devoted mama writing about self discovery and country life in rural Tennessee. And I just love this tea set of hers. I've started my search for a set of our own.
  • My friend Cori prepares for her 4th homebirth and I remember with fondness those days as well.


  • Oh, I just love the idea of pressing flowers to make paints! We did a bit of beet juice painting last summer but these flower paints at GardenMama are gorgeous.
  • A day in the life from Handmade Homeschool. Real life homeschooling, real honesty, real good.
  • Homeschool freedom at the beach, I love HomeGrown Life's Maine trip memories.

Urban Homestead

  • What a great list for simplifying your days. I have been quite enjoying Little House in the Suburbs, a recent blog find.
  • I swear by Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap. Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op does a nice little post about it. We use this soap for camping, for washing toilets & tubs, as body wash (when we're not using my soap) yada, yada. Good for whatever ails 'ya.
  • Although we have our own favorite recipe, next time I'm going to try Beauty that Moves Pad Thai. I think I'll suggest it for Celine's next supper prep night.


We've had a lot of activity in our own community, the farm, and treks in the woods to pay much attention to what others are doing in theirs. Good things I'm sure.


Enjoy this last day of August! It is a beautiful (warm, but not humid) late summer day and now that we're done cleaning up from our trip we're heading out for a neighborhood walk.


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