anniversary afternoon rainshower

It was a hot summer day yesterday, wonderfully so after all the rain we've had this summer. Having decided to make a special supper for my family to celebrate our anniversary I subjected myself to even more heat by firing up the stove to cook roasted tomato & basil soup, gluten-free sesame crackers and peach pie for dessert.

Near the end of my 3 hour labor in the kitchen, in the late afternoon, the clouds that had been building all afternoon opened up and let pour. Cool thing was the sun continued to shine. It was too beautiful to pass up.

Apron on, I grabbed my camera and the umbrella and headed out into the deliciously fresh air to snap a few shots of the afternoon beauty. The moment passed almost as fast as it had come and in a few minutes the sun hid behind a cloud and the rain was no longer illuminated, but just regular rain. I'm so glad I stopped by day to take these photos when I had the chance.

look closely in the top left for the rain splatter: so cool
look closely in the top left for the rain splatter (so cool)


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  • Karen

    Karen on Aug. 12, 2009, 10:43 a.m.

    Wonderful shots - they reinforce my desire to plant a hydrangea (or two). Not sure where, but your photos have pushed me over the edge to the nursery/garden shop.


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