A Little RSS Mishap ~ Don't Miss my Kitchen Post

Have you seen today's post about canning, preserving and a weekly menu? Last week when I scheduled it to publish this morning I made a small error that resulted in Google reader picking up the post a whole three days early. Ie: if you read blogs through Google reader the post would of showed up on Friday, not today which was the intended publish day. I caught the mistake right away and changed the publish day so that it didn't show up on the blog till today but the RSS "damage" was done. 

All of that to say I fear that today's post got lost in the people's weekend RSS reading.

So I'm just pointing your attention to today's post, in case you visit FIMBY via Google reader. Sorry for the mix up. Scheduling posts can be a pain but is very necessary at this point of busy-ness in my writing, homemaking and homeschooling schedule. Thanks for your patience.

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