A foodie birthday

It was Laurent's birthday today. And I recall that a couple days ago I said I wasn't blogging till next month, oh well. I have to share these photos and thoughts from the day. I suffer from "if I don't write about it, it didn't really happen".

The day was all about food, especially since Laurent burned his hands this morning while hot gluing a craft (first time ever for my children to burn themselves on the hot glue gun) so we had to cancel our afternoon plans for paint-it-yourself pottery with a couple friends. Bummer.

But the good news is Daddy came home early from work and to help make the birthday afternoon special he and the kids watched The Fellowship of the Ring, Orcs and all. Which freed up significant time in my afternoon to... cook. Between preparing the requested birthday food and getting the camp food ready I've basically spent the whole day in the kitchen. But with another parent on duty 1/2 the day the time in the kitchen was a real joy. No interruptions just cooking, cleaning, baking and cleaning some more.

I'm pretty proud of the fact that it was all homemade, mostly vegan (except for egg whites in the cake and whipped cream - which Daddy could take or leave) and all gluten & corn free. If any of you cook and bake for loved ones who have sensitivities, allergies, rashy skin or sore bellies from eating the wrong foods you know how much work "special" food is. Even if no one else does I'm patting myself on the back right now.

So this is what I cooked up, according to his wishes, for my son's special day. He loved it. He was happy. I was happy.

is this kid excited to eat this cake or what
is this kid excited to eat this cake or what

Breakfast: Whole grain buckwheat Belgium waffles with strawberries (the ones we picked this summer), Maine maple syrup & whipped cream. Hot cocoa made to order for the kids.

Lunch: Pizza. I did buy gluten-free crusts and pitas for the base of these. I guess everything wasn't from scratch.

Supper: Maine grown roasted tomato soup with cashew & red pepper coulis. Served with fresh-from-the-oven sesame crackers. Dessert was angel food cake with... more whipped cream. We run a vegan shop except on birthdays.

And yes, Laurent wore his pj's all day. And of course his hat.

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  • nicola

    nicola on Feb. 27, 2009, 6:29 p.m.

    i love that your break didn't even last until next month but how could it with an adorable 8 year old to celebrate. your kids are gorgeous and he looks like a laurent! happy 8th! nicola which name?

    nicola's last blog post... love:: 16


  • SavvyChristine

    SavvyChristine on March 11, 2009, 6:16 p.m.

    Yes! Special food is a lot of work. I have crazy food allergies, and Mr. Savvy doesn't, which means our meals feel like more work because sometimes he doesn't want what I can have. So way to go on a day full of fantastic birthday meals!

    SavvyChristine's last blog post... The Small Stuff


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