A day at the lake

We were privileged to spend another day at the lake today at a friend's family camp (for our Alberta family this means a cottage at the lake). Won't spend forever blabbing about it but do have some pictures to post.

Swimming Middle Range Pond Demers camp Daddy kneeboarding

Earlier this week we gardened, picked blueberries, went to the beach & worked at the farm (well mommy worked and kid's played in the barns). While at the farm our friend found us a monarch butterfly caterpillar so now we are caring for and housing a caterpillar in the hopes it will form a chrysallis and eventually emerge as a butterfly. Thankfully, this creature is easier and more enjoyable to care for than the mice we had last week.

Thursday night we enjoyed an excellent outdoor concert at Bates. Last night we went to a family staff party at Bates and the kids had a great time playing water games. The kids rode their bikes there and I got some cute photos of Brienne pedaling her tricycle.

Laurent sliding Kids riding bikes Brienne on bike

A fantastic summer week. I just love summer - gardening, swimming, growing & storing food, going to outdoor concerts and events. Next week will be more of the same but in addition we celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary, no big plans.

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