Nurturing Creativity: A Guide for Busy Moms (free e-book)

You want to make beautiful things.

You want to make things, period. Maybe you like to sew, paint, write, take photos, or make music. Maybe you're not sure what you want to create, you just know your spirit needs this.

But you're a busy mom. You don't think of yourself as creative, certainly not "artsy". What would you make? And when would you have the time?

I wrote a little e-book for you.

cover art by Erika Hastings

For moms who are cooking meals and cleaning toilets. Moms who orchestrate family life and chauffeur kids to their activities. Moms who stay at home, work outside the home, work at home. Heck, we all work! Moms who are knee deep in raising babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged kids. For moms who do all this (and more) and want to grow creatively also.

Nurturing Creativity: A Guide For Busy Moms was written from my own experience, knee-deep in homeschooling and raising kids, of finding and expressing my creative self.

An easy read, packed with thoughtful considerations, practical advice and the hands-on experience of six other creative women, this little e-book will encourage you to discover and develop the creativity in your own life. A life as a busy mom.

Creativity matters. It matters in our homes and in our world. We have the opportunity as mothers to instill this value in our children and just as importantly, to grow creatively as individuals.

Download and read here. And then go make something.