Winter Evenings ~ The power of words

Welcome to a week of winter inspiration! This is the final post in my week of winter re-posts, first published February 2012. Winter is the time of year for ideas, and evenings are the perfect time to nurture those.

I believe that the written word holds a certain power. The power of course to communicate your ideas to others but also to clarify your personal vision and manifest dreams.

art by Christine Mason Miller from the book Ordinary Sparkling Moments

There is a certain non-scientific bent to this way of thinking that kind of freaks me out (ideas I can't understand make me nervous) but having seen this come true in my own life I'm becoming a believer.

Jamie's book touches a bit on this (oh, I do love those tingle-down-your-spine sections where she shares dreams coming into reality). I'd give you more links to check out but I don't typically run with the yoga, meditative crowd of mamas who have probably published oodles and oodles of posts and books on this idea.

I'm not sure exactly how manifesting works, which kind of rubs my S, T, and J the wrong way but I know there's something to it.

I think one of the ways it works is that the process of writing clarifies goals and gives you a fixed point to work towards. This clarity, whether you are conscious of it or not, helps you sift through all the input coming your way. Helping you filter out that which is not helpful to your end cause or goal. 

In the last couple years I have become better with writing my goals and dreams (I'm still not committed to writing a life bucket list - too scary for a high achiever like me to have that hanging over my head). And in that same time I have watched amazing things unfold in my life - both little and big.

One small example.

Last fall I read Caddie Woodlawn to the kids. It's a wonderful read aloud book by the way, I highly recommend it. In the chapter Breeches and Clogs is the following passage:

The long winter evenings in the farm house were very pleasant times. Grouped about the fire and the lamp, the Woodlawns made their own society, nor wanted any better.

I recorded this passage in my Quotes Journal and underneath wrote: my goal for our winter evenings.

Winter is not an easy time historically for me. I've worked hard this winter at exercising, eating well and taking care of my mental health so I really enjoy this season. And so far, it's been a fabulous winter. My best yet for years. 

I think our winter evenings contribute to this. They're not an "ideal" or even completely relaxing (Damien actually works part of the evening). Some evenings I'm dog tired, the kids are bouncing off the walls and it's not the cosy atmosphere I dreamed. But more often than not our evenings are what I had hoped for - making our own society, not wanting for any better. Contentment.

Winter is the time of year for ideas.

When the earth lays dormant our bodies naturally turn inward and reflect for that darkest part of the season (advent) and then, as winter still holds her grip but the days lengthen, our thoughts turn to the future. Summer adventures and gardening. And on a bigger scale - the life dreams we want to live.  

I encourage you to take some time this winter with your ideas and dreams. Apologies if you're in the southern hemisphere.

Thank you Natalia for this fabulous card!

Write them in a journal, create a mind-map. Scribble them on index cards and display them in your kitchen, your bathroom, in the cover of your homemaking binder. Post them where you can see them often. 

From my own experience, a practice like this yields delightfully unexpected and life changing rewards. And that is a bit scary (oh, I do fear the unknown and worry over the details of how it all comes together) but it's also incredibly amazing. 

I'd love to know if you practice this in your life. What dreams have you seen come true?

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