We Have a Store (homeschool, health, adventure, natural family living support and services)

I have some exciting news to share - we have a store!

In the past I've talked about the iterative process Damien and I use to flesh out ideas in our life. And how those ideas keep moving forward but usually in a slow, cyclical fashion until we finally do accomplish something.

A peek at our fall project board

Cafe has been on the iterative loop in our lives for many months now and so when some time opened up in our work flow (as other projects were winding down) we used that opportunity to really move this idea forward.

Why a store?

Damien and I have a lot of products and services in the works - all part of doing the work we love to support our family. There are e-books being written, courses envisioned, coaching services we can offer. All of them are being designed as resources to help you move forward ideas in your own life. Cafe is our storefront to sell those resources.

So, what's in store right now?

My existing e-books Nurturing Creativity and Eat This. And selling them through Cafe should eliminate some of the iPad download hassles people have experienced with our previous shopping cart system.

Homeschooling from the Heart Audio File

If you missed out on the group homeschool coaching in August you can now purchase the audio recording of that session.

This audio teaching is structured as a Q&A, where I answer questions that were received from the group prior to and during the session. The encouragement and ideas I share, wisdom born from years of practical experience, are targeted for families who are homeschooling children ages of 5 through 8.

Here's what some of the moms who participated in that session had to say about my talk:

The information was really comprehensive and practical. One thing I can get tired of after a while is the philosophical side of homeschooling. I understand the concepts, but what those of us who are rather new to this need is practical application, which is exactly what was provided. It went a long way to allaying the fears I try NOT to bring to our learning efforts—so thank you! ~ Melissa D.
It was exactly what I needed to hear in this stage of our homeschooling journey and I’m excited to start our school year with a refreshed spirit. If you decide to extend the conference into the next age group, I’ll be the first in line to attend ~ Melissa S.
I wanted to take a moment to share from the bottom of my heart my thanks for your taking the time to put this together... hearing your passion and enthusiasm with several years of this under your belt is so truly uplifting. ~ Ashley

Preschool Teleconference

While we're on the topic of group coaching save the date for my 2nd homeschool teleconference on the Preschool Years ~ Learning in Love. Saturday, November 10th at 2pm, EST.

The full description and payment information will be coming next week but if you don't want to miss out on any announcements the best way to stay in the loop is to subscribe to our Cafe newsletter.

Subscribe to our newsletter

The way to do this is to visit Cafe and under Newsletter (in the right-hand sidebar), enter your e-mail address and click subscribe.

We will use our newsletter to announce new Cafe offerings, offer discounts and other goodies to subscribers. We won't be inundating you with e-mail. Trust me, that's not our style.


One of the things we love about online product sales is affiliate marketing. Yep, we love it.

It took me a while to warm up to the idea since I don't want anyone to ever think I'm recommending something to them just because I can make money from doing so. But then I realized if I only recommend things I truly value then there isn't any conflict of interest. There's only win-win-win. Win for the consumer (they get a good product), win for the middle woman (me in this case if I'm promoting something), and win for the creator of the product.

We'd love to include you in the win-win-win loop.

If you love the work we do and want to spread the word - we want you to benefit financially from doing so.

To join our affiliate program head to Cafe and click Affiliates in the menu bar. Then simply follow the directions.

And you don't need a blog to become an affiliate. Anyone who recommends stuff to friends and family, via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. is able to take advantage of affiliate relationships.

There will be more pretty stuff for affiliates soon - graphics, etc. you can use for promotion.

Coming soon to the store:

(Remember: You can subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know about new products and services.)

How To Start a Food Buying Club 101. By popular request I've written an e-book, based on ten years of experience, on starting a buying club. This will hopefully be available as early as the end of this week or into next week. (Anyone available asap to copy edit this e-book? Please contact me.)

Family Outdoor coaching and products. Coaching is available any time but Damien's currently writing a "clothing for the outdoors" e-book and we're talking about our first online course for early next year.

If you want specific teaching or how-to instructions on any thing we write about at FIMBY, Outsideways or Toe Salad, please drop us a line at Cafe Contact.

We are developing products to help you create the life you want. And it helps us to know what exactly you want!

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  • Kika

    Kika on Oct. 23, 2012, 5:42 p.m.

    Sent you an email re: editing the new ebook. Also wanted to say HAVE A GREAT TIME AT THE ALLUME CONFERENCE!!!


  • Christine

    Christine on Oct. 24, 2012, 2:03 a.m.

    I'm excited to see all you have coming! So others have had trouble downloading your e books to iPad?! I thought it was just me. Is there some trick that I can do now so I can use them on my iPad? I've avoided printing them off from the computer to save paper, but I dislike being tied down to the desktop computer while reading. I use my iPad for storing recipes - having your Eat This book with he others would be so handy. Thanks for taking the plunge and offering all your wisdom and experience and putting into media that we can use.


    • renee

      renee on Oct. 24, 2012, 10:37 a.m.

      Christine, the problem is that you can't open zipped files on the iPad. And my books used to come in a zipped file (that's what the new delivery format will fix). But you can definitely put my e-books on the iPad. I've done it! Here's the directions, as best as I remember:  

      open the zip file on your computer

      drag epub or pdf file (or mobi for the Kindle app) to your iTunes library, will go to Books

      plug in iPad or iPod (use epub for phones)

      drag files out of Books onto device or sync

      in iPad, find bookshelf, should find epub file there or pdf read either, though epub looks more "book like"

      That should work. Also, if your techie-inclined see this post: http://notebooks.com/2010/05/11/how-to-download-and-open-zip-files-on-ipad/ I kept meaning to write an iPad FAQ for my books but never got around to doing it. 


  • Pamela

    Pamela on Oct. 25, 2012, 4:16 p.m.

    Wonderful to have a store... one place to access all of your resources! I would absolutely love to sign up for your preschool teleconference, but it is on the same afternoon as my sister in law's wedding! Can I still register and have access to the info, or do I have to be available at that time? Thank you!


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