Unexpected gifts & lessons

I hadn't expected...

  • to connect mother to mother (about what else, our children's education) with a woman of different culture, race and religion.
  • to download and discover photo after photo of beautiful families, whose eyes reflected a flame, never mind spark, of the Divine.
  • to be creatively energized at the end of the day when the whole week I felt so mentally exhausted.
  • to reach the limits (still within them and not over the edge, thank God) of what I'm able to give to my community. Our best is reserved for our children and home life but Damien and I agreed we've walked the line (our choice) with this project.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, warm wishes and "you can do it" encouragement for this past weekend's advent conspiracy photo project.

I wish I could share some of the photos with you all from this past Saturday. But because of the circumstances and language barriers I didn't get prior permission.

Here's a not-so-great test shot I took of my kids earlier in the week at the shoot location. You'll just have to imagine chocolate brown skin instead of pale peach, liquid black eyes instead of bright blue. And smiles, oh smiles, that would warm your heart on the chilliest December day. It was challenging and amazing.

I'm so glad we agreed to do this. I'm so glad it's almost done.

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