The Boy Who Drew Birds and everything else

I have one of those boys. A child who draws morning, noon and night - at home or while camping!

He wakes up and draws and is often drawing when we tell him it truly is "time to turn out the light".

Maybe it was for that reason that we really enjoyed the biography The Boy Who Drew Birds: A Story of John James Audubon. Whereas our boy draws mostly nature fantastical creatures, his latest is a ninja weasel, John James Audubon drew lots and lots of... birds.

This book is a great historical story that's very well illustrated and written. I especially loved the textured, multi-medium and slightly whimsical art. We recommend it if you have naturalist/artists-in-residence as we do.

those eye lashes make my heart go 'a flutter(those eye lashes make my heart go 'a flutter)</span>


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