Swimming Lessons

The kids are in swimming lessons, Maine style, at a local lake. Earlier this summer Celine and Laurent wanted to learn how to swim but I wasn't sure how to accomplish this since we would miss 2 weeks (during vacation) of the swimming programs I saw advertised. Then I remembered meeting a homeschooling mom at Celine's dance school who taught swimming lessons during the summer. I was able to arrange private lessons for the kids and we started this past week. We wasted no time and did 6 of the 10 sessions.

The kids are fish. In Nova Scotia they/we bought goggles for Celine and a snorkel mask for Laurent. While there they used those daily and got very comfortable under water. Now they are learning some skills to go along with their enthusiasm.

I've had a great time pulling up a beach chair, keeping tabs on Dolly and watching them eagerly learn how to do the front crawl, back float, tread water and more. Their skills are still rudimentary but they are learning quickly.

We now have 2 practice weeks since our teacher is on vacation. Guess that just means more trips to the beach. Laurent is always ready as he lives in his swim shorts - wears them day and night. Sure cuts down on laundry!

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  • Karen

    Karen on Aug. 6, 2007, 1:45 p.m.

    I'm with Laurent - beach/swim wear is so comfortable and you want to always be ready for the water! It doesn't surprise me at all how well he and Celine are taking to their lessons. I'm looking forward to them showing me their new skills!


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