Socialization is why we DON'T send our kids to school

My friend Rich posted a blog today that got me thinking about this topic. Click on the link on his blog for the background for what I'm talking about. It's a great little read on what homeschool socialization is really like.

To be honest we've rarely been asked the "what about socialization?" question. I think that is because we're blessed with supportive family and friends. I also think that after spending time with my bright eyed, inquisitive and generally well mannered children most people can see that they aren't lacking anything in the "socialization" department.

I've always wondered what "socialization" means anyway. If it means conforming to an age segregated, peer dependent, learning restricted, Godless environment I'll have none of it thank you very much.

Socialization is a lot of the reason we don't send our kids to school. What's the point of going to school to learn about the real world that exists outside the classroom. Why not just be in the "real world", whatever that is...

Hum... I should stop now.

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