Recital weekend

This past weekend was dance recital weekend. This was the 2nd year of dance lessons for both Celine and I. My first year was more than 20 years ago when I took a jazz class in grade 4. After that I hung up my dancing shoes for sometime. Then last September I started formal dance instruction again at The Dance Center . I enjoyed the modern class I took but to be honest going to dance class every week for 9 months and devoting a whole weekend to a dance recital is not really "my thing". Not to mention the most unflattering costume I had to buy and wear for the recital... I hope to return to some kind of exercise class next winter but it won't be formal dance lessons.

Celine loved her jazz piece and thoroughly enjoyed the recital experience. She is interested in exploring music next "school year" so we'll see if she decides to continue dance or pursue music for awhile.
Pink Shoes Laces DancePink Shoes Laces Dance</span>

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