Comment Policy

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. I really appreciate the discussion, insight, and connections your comments bring to my blog. I met and initially got to know one of my best friends through blog commenting.

Part of my purpose in life is to build relationships - in my local life and online life. I also deeply value community.

The thoughts you share and the time you take to write them, are an important part of building connection with each other around ideas and shared experiences. Thank you.

If you decide to join the conversation and contribute your thoughts, here are a couple things you should know. 

  • If your comment contains a question or otherwise seeks to engage me in conversation I almost always reply. The only time I don't is if I miss the comment for some reason (doesn't show up in my e-mail or I lose the e-mail) or I forget to respond. I never purposely not respond. I like interacting with you. I like answering questions and being a resource. I like making new friends. That being said, if I can't give you the depth of a response you were hoping for, please understand I am a mother, homemaker and homeschooler first. 
  • I don't tolerate disrespectful and/or overly critical comments. Disagreement is perfectable acceptable and on the few controversial posts I have published here I welcome differing points of view and opinions. We all see the world differently and that's what makes life interesting. But, if I feel your comment is overly harsh or disrespectful to a fellow reader or myself, I reserve the right to delete that comment, without explanation. 
  • I don't tolerate criticism of my children. Ever. Like, why would you even do that?
  • When you comment on a blog post you are instantly subscribed to comments on that post. You'll get an e-mail notification of each new comment that is published. This is a helpful feature if you ask me a question and want to be alerted when I reply. To unsubscribe from a post's comments simply follow the directions in the e-mail notification.
  • Catching spam. This is a real problem for bloggers. To solve it on this blog we use the following protocol: when you comment for the first time you'll be asked to complete an easy captcha quiz, after that it will remember you for a time (using cookies), and commenting will be a breeze.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for commenting. Blogging just wouldn't be the same without your feedback. Please contact me if you have any questions.