Only in Auburn Maine

can I be driving through the deserted mall parking lot (after a fruitless trip to get new eyeglass nosepads - I forgot the glasses at home, arhhh) and come across a parked minivan with a bagpiper (playing the pipes) and 3 young kids riding bikes in circles around their bagpiping father. Rich you're the coolest bagpiper I know, ok, the only bagpiper I know. And playing your pipes in the mall parking lot takes the cake.

Oh, as we were driving away Laurent said "I just love the way Rich plays the bagpipes, I'd pay him to play, if I had any money". Rich, you have your own little fan club in the Tougas family!

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  • Karen

    Karen on Aug. 8, 2007, 3:17 p.m.

    That is cool. I've also come to meet a piper who lives across the road from me. About once a month I hear her rehearsing outside her house with her piper friends - they walk around and play, the sound penetrating through the subdivision and probably wings clear across the lake. I love it.


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