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Quick reviews of books I've recently read or am reading.

This book is about how the younger generation (Mosaics & Busters - I hate these stupid labels) view Christians. The research findings done by the Barna group were not particularly surprising to me. It is such a shame that we are most often viewed as hypocritical, anti-gay, sheltered, too political, and judgmental. So ironic considering Jesus was NONE of these things. With God's grace I want my life to be characterized by honesty, acceptance, engagement, holiness and love (to name a few). Rich beware: far too many Starbucks references in the book.

Untold StoryExcellent book for helping to piece together the story of the Early Church in its chronological order. Particularly like the sections where Viola paints the picture of what Ephesus, Corinth, Rome etc... looked like in the 1st century.

The power of the good news of the Kingdom of God was & is AMAZING and was the only thing that could band together rich, poor, merchant, slave, Jew, gentile, man & woman into one group - the church. Praying we can see this same love and power of the gospel in our age to transform our homes, communities and world.

Both Celine & I really enjoyed this book. It's a great one sitting pre-Christmas read. I love books that give a glimpse into the heavenlies/spirit realm.

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