My Boy

My camera lens seems to be focusing a lot these days on Laurent. Maybe because he was away for 2 weeks visiting his grandparents and I feel the unconscious need to "catch-up" that lost time.

Every time I look at him he seems to have grown. Sometimes I just sit and watch him, trying to take it all in. Hoping I will remember everything about him, in this golden age of boyhood.

My heart feels full of such joy and pride simply spending time with him. He's such a great kid.  He is still very much boy and I am a little scared of the journey ahead as he grows into a young man. It's a couple years away but I know it's coming. 

But for now (& always) he's my boy.

photo credit: Renee Sifferman

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  • jenn

    jenn on Aug. 13, 2010, 2:38 p.m.

    Oh, they grow up so fast! My Sam is now a teen and so big and tall (taller than his dad!) He is handsome and wonderful and such a big help to us all and so talented and funny and smart. I could just go on and on. Seeing you holding Laurent in the water makes me remember old times, when I could do that with Sam! Not anymore, he holds me! :0) LOL But I still have my little Ben, who is only 6 and I treasure those silly times, the cuddles on the couch (that he'll still let me have) and the sweet innocence of his youth. Growing up is a part of life, but it is bittersweet.


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