Mindset For Moms (and a free gift for you)

Today I'm so pleased to give a shout out for Jamie Martin's new book Mindset For Moms.

I met Jamie shortly after she started blogging. I've been following her journey as blogger, book author, blog editor, and mother, ever since. It's fair to say I'm a devoted fan of her work. 

Mindset for Moms is a wonderful resource to help guide you (& me!) in finding and experiencing joy and contentment in our everyday life as moms.

The key to experiencing joy and contentment is not so much our circumstances as it is our outlook. It's funny also how changing your outlook has the power to change your circumstances, but I'm getting ahead of myself (and Jamie talks about that in her book).

We all know we should have a positive mindset and we've experienced (hopefully) first hand what that does in our homes - the way it impacts our family and our relationship with them. But the actual practice of cultivating a positive mindset takes work. You might be wondering where to start.

In Mindset for Moms Jamie shares from her own experience how to cultivate a positive outlook. From where you are, right now, as a mom.

How to transform your home and your relationships with your family through the simple act of shifting our focus from the negative to the positive.

If this sounds a little pie-in-the-sky (Renee, ever the skeptic) I assure you it's not.

Jamie's ideas are hands-on, practical, read it and practice it. 

You don't have to schedule a secluded retreat, meditate for an hour each day, or live on a mountaintop - as lovely as all those things sound.

Each chapter is super short and to the point. You could dwell on it for a day or a week, taking as long as you need to let that idea sink in.

Personally, I'm working my way slowly through the book. It's short but there's a lot packed in here (not a lot of fluff) and I don't want to gloss over and miss a nugget of wisdom that has the potential to bring more positive changes in my home and family life.

I started it a couple weeks ago and I'm about half way through but you could easily read this book in a couple sittings if you wanted. Though I recommend you go deep with these ideas, instead of wide. They have the power to change your life.

Jamie's name will be coming up again soon at FIMBY as next week I will finally be publishing my personal mission, part of my discovering who I am series of posts.

I wrote my mission almost one year ago and it's been so helpful to give direction and purpose (and keep me on track) with my mothering, homemaking, writing and other life work.

It was Jamie's book Steady Days, which I read and reviewed a couple years ago, that encouraged me initially to actually write a mission statement.

Jamie is offering a great deal to any one of you who buys Mindset for Moms.

Today only, if you buy a copy of Mindset for Moms, in any format (Kindle, Nook, iTunes or PDF) you can receive a free PDF copy of Steady Days. All you do is make your Mindset for Moms purchase and then email Jamie with the subject line: "I bought mindset for moms." She'll send you a PDF copy of her first book (please be patient and give Jamie a couple days to respond, she will get it to you). 

Good deal.

If you get a copy of her books and have some time before next week read the mission statement section of Steady Days (Chapter 39) and also Chapter 17, Discover Your Mission, in Mindset for Moms.

It will give you a heads-up for what I'm blogging next week about my own mission statement.

Thanks Jamie for once again sharing your beauty, wisdom (and honesty) with us and helping us moms transform our lives, our homes and our world.

{Photos from this post where taken on a day when I was choosing to find and see color in my day, instead of the white on white of the world outside my windows. Photography helps me do that - find the beauty and change my mindset in the process.}

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  • Spring

    Spring on Feb. 21, 2012, 1:59 a.m.

    I just bought it! :) This is just exactly where God has been speaking to me, so I had to buy it now while I am in this place. Thanks for the great timing! :)


  • Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds

    Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds on Feb. 21, 2012, 4:07 a.m.

    Thanks for the reminder! I told myself that I would go back and buy it but once again, I forgot. I am working through 2 books right now and one of my organizational things I am working on is not buying more books until I am ready to read them because I will buy them and forget about them. But.........I think I may go ahead and start reading it now as I could definitely use a dose of contentment in my life. And with the 2 for 1 deal how could I not!


  • Laura

    Laura on Feb. 21, 2012, 5:39 p.m.

    Thanks, Renee! I had both on my list to buy someday. With the BOGO deal, yesterday was the day! I'm really enjoying your posts these days. Thank you for sharing!


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