Make it From Scratch at GreenStyleMom

Make it From Scratch Blog Carnival is happening at GreenStyleMom this week.

GreenStyleMom is an interesting blog with a recent tutorial post about one of my favorite things - tomatoes, in this case heirlooms, complete with a lovely tomato photo (I love those also). Speaking of heirlooms, I tried growing some this year, with mixed success. Totally not pleased with Cherokee purple, or was it Pruden's purple? They all rotted on the vine - yuck. But I really loved the Amish Paste, very productive.

I submitted beet juice painting to this week's carnival and a picture of the kid's painting is featured in the post. I was really pleased with that whole activity - using natural dyes, the beautiful paintings and the photos I took. Fun all around.

I poked around a few links and thought that making rain sticks looks like a very cool, if not messy & noisy, craft. And don't tell my kids about the sock monkey or we won't get anything else accomplished this week (note to self, make sock monkey's with kids this winter).

I also really like the recycled mega tote bag, and if it wasn't for the fact that I don't get grocery store plastic bags anymore and have no time for crochet I'd been very keen to try this pattern.

Lots of cool ideas on these Make It From Scratch Blog Carnivals.

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  • RecycleCindy

    RecycleCindy on Sept. 9, 2008, 2:34 p.m.

    Thanks for the link back on my recycled mega tote bag. I too seldom get any plastic bags from the grocery store anymore but I'm famous for "stealing" bags from the recycling bins at the stores. I also get lots of bags from friends who give them to me to recycle into bags. I love using the plastic bags or plarn to crochet as the material is free plus I enjoy doing trash-to-treasure projects.


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