Kindergarten, Easy Does It

You may have already noticed that we're not really big on formal schooling around here. But there are a few things like math, handwriting and spelling (for Céline) that we work into our daily routine to build skills. It was Céline's desire to learn all of these that got them started in the first place.

You could say our curriculum has developed on a need to know basis.

This week we started the shift from summer to school. I've learned from experience I don't do well with sudden, all or nothing changes. So we're slowly starting parts of our school routine. First the basics of getting up at a regular time, finishing chores by a certain time, regular morning read-alouds and math for Celine. Next week I'll add math for Laurent and Brienne and handwriting for everyone.

But Brienne had other ideas and wanted to join in the math fun early. When Céline was this age I didn't do any school type activities with her. Daddy taught Céline to read but "my hands were very full" (as people often commented) with nursing her baby sister and caring for her pre-schooler brother.

At some point this week it hit me. The baby I was nursing a few years ago is kindergarten age this fall.

And with two "school-aged" siblings as models, Brienne is readier than ever to learn to read (she's learning alongside her brother), do math, practice handwriting and all the rest. I simply can't imagine sending her away every day and miss out on watching this new world open up to her. 

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  • Andie

    Andie on Sept. 6, 2008, 12:32 p.m.

    We taught all of our kids to read before school started for them. We are HUGE readers around here. I'm enjoying seeing the similarities and differences for both our families as far as "school" routines. I totally know what you mean as far as missing out too...which is why I have and am room mom for all of my kids's classes. I love being a part of their learning and growing. On my side, I find watching them interact with other people (teachers, friends, etc) just as thrilling. You get to see your kids in a whole other light.

    Have a great weekend, a.


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