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The kids and I went for a walk/bike ride to Bates yesterday afternoon. We hung out there for a long time, and at some point I started to develop a craving for a sandwich, a rare treat in our mostly gluten free house. At around the same time I was suddenly motivated to let the children play longer than I had planned, riding round and round, up and down. What a kind, patient, activity friendly mother I was. Soon enough, surprise, surprise, it was late in the afternoon and supper hadn't even been started - oh darn!

When we got home tired and hungry I met a husband already home and receptive to the idea of dinner out. Turns out he had been craving a burger. Like the kind made with meat, served on, gasp, a wheat bun! Graciously we supported each other in our hour of need and decided to go out for supper to Ruby Tuesdays. And although they have a lovely salad bar the only one who ate from it was Celine (along with her 2 mini-burgers and fries - that girl can eat). The rest of us ate chicken fingers, fries, and various burgers - all real meat and real gluten. No doubt the meat was CAFO raised which I'm actually truly bummed about. I even considered range-fed bison to avoid this problem but settled on (cringing) nitrate laden bacon.

One night we're standing in solidarity with the world's poor eating rice & beans and the very next night we're eating factory farm, petroleum dependent (fertilizers and transportation costs), chain restaurant food. And you know what - it tasted great! Yikes.

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