Introducing My Patreon

I've been working on this behind-the-scenes for so many months it feels like I've said all there is to say about Patreon - all the why, what, and how.

But like I said, that was all behind-the-scenes and I'm just now talking to you about it and so it's time to bring you into the picture.

I have a Patreon! And, I'm making stuff just for Patrons. If you want to support my writing here on this blog and have access to the new stuff I'm making (a podcast for starts) you can become a Patron and join my Patreon where I'm creating thoughtful content, conversations, and community.

I could be long-winded and verbose about this (you know I can!) but I'm actually going to be talking about my Patreon, more specifically the work I'm producing and sharing there, over the coming weeks so there's no need to explain all the bits and pieces in this particular post.

But I do want to explain what Patreon is, why I'm using it and what I'll be producing, and what you get if you're a Patron.

I've recorded three short videos (I'm really working on the short) to answer these questions.

I'm going to post that first video today as well as the transcript of that video and I'll share the rest of the videos this week. And I'll answer any questions you have in comments here or via email.

If you're reading this in email you'll need to click over to my blog post to watch the video.

What is Patreon?

Patreon has become quite popular. You may be familiar with it.

Patreon is a way for people to support someone's work. For example, you'll hear a lot of podcaster mention their Patreon community. So, if you like their podcast and want to support them producing more episodes you become a patron. That way you can continue to benefit from that person's work and that person can continue to create things that people want and need. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

I'm giving myself a lot of time to birth this new baby of mine. And I want to give you time to understand what it's all about - both the concept of Patreon and what I'm creating for my Patrons.

Some of you might be completely new to Patreon and some of you are established Patrons of other artists, writers, thinkers, podcasters, and creators.

Regardless of where you're at I'm going to be slowly walking my blog community and readers into this new phase. There is no "5 days only and then it's gone", there is no rush to join, there is no hype, there is no false scarcity to generate sales.

This is just my introductory post so I'll wrap it up here. For more information and to gain immediate access to Patron-only content, which are already available, see my Patreon. Otherwise, hang here till my next post when I'll explain why I'm using Patreon and what I'm producing for Patrons.

*Glossary of Terms:

(my own definitions)

Patreon - the web application, the tool, that enables creators to receive support from fans/readers/listeners etc. and enables those same creators to deliver rewards and benefits to their supporters.

Patron - A person who gives money or supports someone's creative work.

This post is available as an audio recording (like a blog podcast) at Patreon.

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