Good morning Autumn

I am so happy you're here, officially. 

You were a perfect week. Our fall schedule, now two weeks going, has found its groove and the days feel boisterously full. Everyone enthusiastic about their projects, ideas, and studies. A household working together to make things happen. 

We had our first frost and we closed all the windows and added more blankets to the beds that night. But the following days returned to warmth, while the clear blue skies remained. 

The light of your full moon illuminated our nights this week. Night after night we wondered, "is tonight the full moon?", so bright was its face in the clear night sky. 

The air at home was the intoxicating smell of clean, swift river punctuated by  fallen leaves. And our evening in town, when the kids were at lessons, I did some shopping and picked up the goldenrod yellow Chrysanthemum for the front steps. That evening the warm air was all saltwater and seaweed.

Our morning walks through the woods were chilly then warm. The hip-high ferns dying back around our feet, colored leaves starting to litter the forest floor. Our eyes drawn to the red against the gold, brown, and green remaining. 

Even yesterday's overcast, slight drizzle was welcome. The day subdued, each of us engrossed in reading, crafting, drawing. Warmth radiating from familiarity and love instead of the sun's bright rays.

As a sweet and celebratory end cap to this splendid week we are anticipating a fête au jardin at the farm this afternoon, with cider making, a haystack maze, music, bonfire and farm fare supper. 

And tomorrow we'll run through the woods on another cross-country course, hopefully under more clear skies.

Fall, you were a good week. We welcome you with gratitude and open arms.

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  • Misti

    Misti on Sept. 22, 2013, 1:18 a.m.

    :) Happy Autumn! I always want to grab the northern light at this time of year from the computer screen and bring it down to my southern latitudes.


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