FIMBY Finds for early January

finding a view on a winter's hikefinding a view on a winter's hike</span>

Ok, here's some finds I want to share with you.

Mama Speak: Hum... I'm drawing a blank on this one so let's just skip ahead shall we.

Homeschool: Who knew? Apparently Soule Mama did and thanks to her post today I just found out about Bare Books. Inexpensive, blank books (like with a real binding) that your kids can write their own stories in! We've been getting by fine with paper and staples but this is so much more... professional. I'm placing an order and I'm certain these will inspire hours of writing, drawing & coloring.

Here's another book making idea, a Mini Nature Journal, from Heywood's Meadow.

Urban Homestead: I certainly don't need any new hobbies but this looks like a quilt I could actually make, considering I am pattern-phobic.

Neighborhood: I'm all for making the world a better place, one chocolate bar at a time. Fair trade, farmer cooperative chocolate is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Check out simple natural nourishing's chocolate bar giveaway!

Gallery: My own photos this time, of my brother and my niece. Oh my goodness, it was fun to take these photos.

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  • Jamie

    Jamie on Jan. 6, 2009, 10:01 p.m.

    We have a similar chocoalte factory in our neighborhood. "Real" chocolate bars are so out of this world in comparison to those "cheap" bars. My favorite is the "Bread and Chocolate" and the "Nib Brittle." I don't mind paying extra for a good thing - not just in taste but for humanity and the environment.


  • Maz

    Maz on Jan. 7, 2009, 6:50 a.m.

    Yay! Another homeschooler! I school my son at home though my daughter goes to school.... long story.... but in England which is Soooo not the done thing! At Easter we did a project on chocolate and found out so much about the dark side of the chocolate industry; I'm off to check the links, thanks!(BTW your christmas and new year photos are fab...)


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