Don't Make Me Count To Three

Don't Make Me Count to Three: a Mom's Look at Heart-Oriented Discipline by Ginger Plowman

Counting to three... as if. That's simply a sugarcoating for disobedience. [Off the soapbox]

After reading Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp many moons ago this was a great refresher on parenting to the heart of our children. How to draw out the foolishness (in the biblical definition) and replace it with biblical truth. Liked the emphasis on the word of God - knowing it, speaking it and living it in our homes. An easy read in terms of length but challenging. Challenging in that the author places responsibility, rightfully so, on the parents to know their children and seek the answers to their children's discipline issues in the word of God. This is more difficult than following steps A, B & C outlined by the latest child psychologist/family therapist/preacher/counselor whatever. This book encouraged me (kind of kicked me in the pants) in this regard - know the Word, live it & teach it to my children

My friend Emily wrote a great review that introduced me to the book. She also loaned it to me these past couple months (nice friend).

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  • Rachel Himes

    Rachel Himes on Sept. 24, 2012, 5:38 p.m.

    I read this book a couple of years ago and have purchased it for several friends of mine. My parents and my husbands parents taught us "good and bad" or "right and wrong" or "obedience and disobedience". My parents also taught me scripture. Sadly, never the twain did meet. It was as though child rearing were an entity entirely separate from discipleship. This book was eye-opening. I realized that I was being very lax and far too tolerant of sinful behavior, accepting it as being "normal" for small children. Not any more. I only wish my husband would read it. I often feel like we are not on the same page with discipline. He seems to make up a new "rule" for every bad behavior he encounters. Another one that has really helped us is "Shepherding a Child's Heart" which she refers to often in her writing. He does an even better job of getting to the heart of matters than Ginger does.


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