Deep Economy

My latest read, another Bill McKibben book Deep Economy is a great read for anyone committed to building community.

We all know in our souls that beyond a certain point (adequate clothing, shelter & food) more stuff does not bring happiness and McKibben is always good at bringing this truth to the surface of our consciousness.

This book is challenging me to dream about the kind of world, city, neighborhood and home I want to live in. Encouraging me in efforts to buy local, trade, swap & barter, host potlucks, spend time with people - even though none of these are "cost-effective" or "efficient". What has been especially liberating about reading this book is to realize that efficiency is not all it's cracked up to be.

Cheaper is not necessarily better.

The pursuit of these ideals have resulted in unfair labor practices, degradation of the environment, loss of local farms etc.. That is not the kind of world I want to live in. And I want to be proactive in working towards the kind of world & neighborhood I want. So reading this book has given me license to let go of some of my efficiency expectations for myself and others (my husband is breathing a sigh of relief!) Building relationships & community, growing children & gardens, making meals & soap are not efficient pursuits but the dividends are worth more than what money can buy.

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