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I've been working on behind-the-scenes blog organization of late. My main goal is to finish FIMBY's Best, which involves re-formatting, tweaking, and cataloging literally hundreds of posts. I've been at that project for two years (minus six months of hiking). Yep, two years.

I'd like to have that done before we update the blog and online store next year.

In the past couple weeks I've re-written my About page. I am unable, in our current set-up, to get these pages to publish to the "front page" of the blog. So I wanted to write a quick note, tell you it's updated, along with my Meet Renee page (which I think I mentioned already this winter). You might appreciate reading these if you're a new and wondering what to expect from this blog. And if you're a long time reader you'll probably nod your head in recognition at the changes and evolution I mention.

Regardless of who you are and how you've come here - I welcome you. I deeply appreciate you reading.

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