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OK, Wayfaring Wanderer, I'll bite.

November Green Lamb's EarNovember Green Lamb's Ear</span>

5 green things I currently do:

5 green things I want to. I can't say these are all easily done. I honestly feel I've exhausted the easy options (you have no idea how cold I am all winter because we are trying to energy conscious) and now we're working on bigger life changes.

  • run errands on my bike, with my 3 kids, and teach them how to use people power
  • set up a rain barrel to catch water off the garage and use that for watering the garden
  • replace plastic "tupperware" type containers with glass or stainless steel. Wouldn't those look lovely also in my fridge?
  • (getting personal now) use exclusively cloth feminine pads as back up for my Keeper. Currently using cloth and disposable until I can afford to invest in more cloth.
  • buy more local, Maine produce through coops and such even through the winter.

And I'd like to nominate my friend Cori who is an amazing green mama and all around good person for this prize.

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  • Wayfaring Wanderer

    Wayfaring Wanderer on Nov. 13, 2008, 10:02 p.m.

    I'm chuffed....seriously....I didn't know I was a good fisherwoman!

    I really worry about how much trash we produce....although compared to the people I see on that show Wa$ted that I love so much, 1 bag of trash every 2 weeks isn't that bad. It's just me and Cody. But we are, or Cody is rather, working on our new in house composter.....I can't wait to share his hard work on that project!

    Rain barrel sounds easy, although I know they can be pretty costly. Maybe has some diy solutions for you in that department?! I want to get rid our our plastic containers too....I always save the ones I get from things bought at the grocery store since they can't be recycled here - but I need to cut back there, too!

    I really am ecstatic that you decided to participate, it means a lot to me for you to have done so :o)


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