Sweet stuff for June

I had intended this sweet stuff to be links to not-on-the-net books I'm currently reading. But good posts keep showing up in my reader, dang those writers for messing up my plans, and I want to share those good posts. So this edition of sweet stuff is mix of both. (Someday I hope to get the recipe to those beans posted but don't hold your breath).

Mama Speak

  • I found a new magazine, Brain, Child at the library. It may rile or inspire you and I like a bit of both. This was a great essay that was also available on-line.
  • Doesn't this look like a wonderful Iced Coffee Recipe? I am a mama who runs on one cup of fair-trade-shade-grown black coffee in the morning, maybe I'll try this recipe sometime if it ever stops raining 'round here and gets too hot for hot coffee.
  • My other vice, the internet. Steady Mom wrote a great post on keeping this potential time waster and late night keeper-upper (I'm not the only one am I?) in check.


This category is kind of lacking. We're too busy outdoors to think much about "schoolish" matters. But if you're thinking about it for next school year check out my homeschool page for more resources.

Here's some of the books we're enjoying these days:


Urban Homestead

Has anyone else noticed that blogs are all about gardening these days? I'm feeling a bit "behind the times" since I haven't posted what's going on in mine. You can be sure we are growing lots and eating some (greens and strawberries). Someday I might get around to writing a real post about it, but if not you can always check out what these gardeners have to say:

  • Eradicating Japanese Beetles, these buggers are the bane of my garden, grrr... I intend to try this recipe.
  • Easy vegetables to grow from a blog I've just started following, Keeper of the Home.
  • Low Cost Lasagna Beds, it's not too late to start. This is the method I've used (but I have purchased supplies) for building all our flower and vegetable beds.
  • Looking to find myself some of this Great Big Tomatoes "sauce", because we love our garden tomatoes.
  • Oh, and I finally figured out what to do with all our CSA farm rhubarb - rhubarb applesauce. Use a lot of apples to naturally sweeten. Thanks everyone who sent me recipes via twitter, FB and e-mail. Turns out the answer was easier than I thought.


  • This is a club I can join, the Junky Car Club. Now I can drive our 16 year old car with (humble) honor.
  • A couple good fiction books I've read these days are about individuals in their communities and understanding characters & people with within this context. So I think they fit under the "neighborhood" category (I'm stretching things I realize):


Hope your weekend is filled with sweet stuff!


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