My Life in the Kitchen

My Life in the Kitchen

This series was published in 2009.

I don't write much about food on this blog except for the occasional recipe. I'm guessing these are a few of the reasons for that:

  1. I am not a food photographer (or at least not yet) and since my blog is as much about the photos as it is the words I don't often post about food.
  2. We eat simple plant-based meals using lots of in-season vegetables, especially for suppers. Not a lot of flair or gourmet happening around here. Mashed potatoes with cabbage, one of our winter favorites, is hardly blog worthy. And trust me, it doesn't photograph well either.
  3. Lots of vegan food blogs feature "everyone will like this" or "kid-friendly" recipes. Except for guests, birthdays and the odd pizza night, I don't cook that way. We have a "you eat what is served rule" so I don't hide vegetables and try to make everything look like pizza or un-chicken nuggets. That being said our kids mostly LOVE what I cook, really. But they have been raised this way and we haven't allowed them to be picky.

If there is nothing else available to eat kids will eat healthy food. But leaving food mostly out of my blog gives a very inaccurate picture of my life since the one thing I do more than anything else is feed my family.

When I add up all the time I spend planning, shopping, organizing, cooking, and cleaning up the kitchen it's plain to see the job of preparing food for my family is the number one thing I do. I spend more time on this multifaceted job than I do homeschooling, photo taking, gardening (part of the garden is for food after all), hiking, and any other thing I might write about here.

In this series I explore all that.