Looks Like California ~ Part Two

Our California city experiences were in San Francisco and Alameda county, primarily exploring Berkeley and San Francisco.

We visited famed streets and neighborhoods, museums and galleries, shops and festivals.

We choose our destinations and outings based on budget (everything mostly free) and relevance to our family's interests: art, comic book and music stores, and design.

We had the working vacation, Tougas family culture (a blend of nature, art, and digital tech) experience of the Bay Area of California.

I love California. It has its social problems, yes. And traffic. But there is a vast world of beauty, nature, and culture to explore and what we experienced was a drop in the bucket.

Everywhere we went it felt like we didn't have enough time. There was so much more I wanted to do, see, explore. I had to fight that feeling because we had what we had, and it had to be enough.

This is how it is to live. Never enough, but learning to accept and deeply appreciate what is.

Like so many places I've been on this trip, I hope to return one day to California.

Berkeley Kite Festival.

Surf boards at Stinson Beach, Marin county.

Alamos Square Park, San Francisco.

The flowering trees of the Bay Area are beautiful.

Summer of Love. Visiting Haight Ashbury neighborhood.

Driving was cheaper (for 4 or 5 people to visit the city) but public transit is way less stressful for traffic. San Francisco traffic is insane. This is a calm city scene before the chaos of 2:00pm on Market Street.

On a friend's boat near the Richmond Yacht Club.

We saw lots of this while driving. Tall trees rushing by on winding roads.

Northern CA coast. Abalone divers in background.

Leaving California, driving the Avenue of Giants.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

See Brienne's vlog at YouTube for the video story, through the eyes of a fourteen year old, of our travels.

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Looks like California ~ Part One

Looks like California ~ Part One

California was the primary destination of this summer's road trip and the longest stay in one place.

Sunsets at Berkeley Marina

Sunsets at Berkeley Marina

The marina offered stunning views of the sunset over the mountains of Marin county.

Walking each other home

Walking each other home

It is a complicated place, this world. And everyone I know is trying to make a home, find and build community in whatever way they can on this blue-green earth.

Containers & Possibilities - Questions about connectivity, productivity and technology

Containers & Possibilities - Questions about connectivity, productivity and technology

My current problem with the internet, and connectivity in general, is the way it fills every space of my life because it can and because I've let it.

Utah and The Great Basin ~ We were here

Utah and The Great Basin ~ We were here

I am a small thing, under a big sky. And the only truth that gives me heft, that ties me down in some small importance, is my belonging in an intimate and universal web of relationship.

The Road to Durango

The Road to Durango

Our stay in Durango was short and beautiful, involved meeting an interesting family and staying with generous hosts, and included an invigorating hike with knowledgeable, wise, and inspirational companions.