Sharing the Season

Remember last Friday's post when I asked: What are you doing to prepare for the holiday season? What activities do you find meaningful, that add richness to your life, not stress and debt?

Now's the time to share those on your blog, if you haven't already, and then come back here and leave a link below in the Mr. Linky box (don't ask me why it's called that).

Any and all ideas are welcomed. It could be a craft, a holiday tradition, service you do in your community, something special you cook or bake, who knows what else. The only rule is that it can't be about shopping. Speaking of which, I hope you're all observing Buy Nothing Day today.

Ok, here's my "getting ready for Christmas" idea. This week the kids and I made beeswax candles. Oh my goodness, this is such a great activity! I'm not writing about it here, it's too long. I'm really excited about these candles, for many reasons - oh just read the post. We made these for our Advent wreath, and have a few left over for gifts, if I can bear to part with them.

So, what do you have to share? It doesn't have to be long or detailed, or have photos. It doesn't have to be about Christmas or any other religious holiday, it could just be about how you spend time with people. Let's hear it. Let's share what we're doing to make the season meaningful without trips to the the mall.

Oh, I almost forgot! I'm giving away a bar of my homemade soap to one lucky contributor to this share fest. Participate and you could win a lovely prize. Giveaway closes next Friday, Dec 5. I'll randomly choose a name from the ones listed below. Which means you have a whole week to participate in this share fest!

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  • Karen

    Karen on Nov. 29, 2008, 1:35 a.m.

    What a great idea to do this, Renee, even though it took, as usual, forever to write my blog. Its writing was actually a crucial part in me actively, from my heart, sharing the season. Thanks for helping making that happen.


  • casey

    casey on Nov. 29, 2008, 11:49 p.m.

    We just got home and I wanted to write something but my mind has been elsewhere - but let us all share and get wonderful ideas. Thanks Renee.


  • ~kristina~

    ~kristina~ on Dec. 1, 2008, 3:57 p.m.

    Renee, thanks for the lovely comment in response to my posting about this on my blog. I appreciated it. Sorry to not respond sooner - have a killer sore throat.

    You're right - we have a church family here and our 'real' family are all a very long way away. It sounds like you have a wonderful fellowship community!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your Advent Conspiracy. I want to see how many gifts I can make myself this year, rather than purchasing.



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