Resolutions for a life (hopefully) well lived

The life I desire to live is not in some far away place (although the French Mediterranean does sound wonderful), it's in the here and now. And my goals, my New Year's "resolutions" are lived out in the simple and sometimes busy day-to-day.

I can easily fall into the trap of believing that someday, when my projects (like decluttering the kiddos rooms) are all complete I will have met my goals. Sure there is a satisfaction in completion and don't get me wrong I love a tidy and clutter free room house but most of what I do each day is long term in nature and doesn't necessarily have a conclusion. Raising children, making a healthy home, building community, creating beauty, experiencing the world, knowing the Divine, loving family, friends and strangers. How exactly do you measure when these are done? Completed? These are not resolutions you check off your list. These are ideals that are lived out, moment by moment, in the messy details of everyday.

The person I am becoming, the relationships I nurture, the things I work at are the story of my life. And to write that story I need to live it. Daily. A life of love, adventure, togetherness and health is built in the cooking and serving, giving and receiving, embracing and encouraging, planning and purchasing, walking and wandering, washing and hanging, praying and hearing, scrubbing and singing, reading and writing, teaching and learning, digging and growing, capturing and sharing.

My New Year's resolution, if I have one, is to recognize and appreciate the story I am writing each day. And to live what I've been given with intention and love (to name just two).

postcard: Christine Mason Millerpostcard: Christine Mason Miller click here to see quote larger</span>

Do you have New Year's resolutions? How do you want to live what you've been given?

PS. Someday I'll write a blog about the book Ordinary Sparkling Moments by Christine Miller. The postcard above came with the book (I won it during the month of giveaways over at Shutter Sisters) and is stuck to our gallery wall for daily inspiration. Someday I may write about our gallery also...

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  • Andie

    Andie on Jan. 8, 2009, 3:52 p.m.

    Love that postcard and I love reading about your daily life. The beautiful here and now. Great words to carry into 2009 friend. Much blessings to you and yours, a.


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